Top 10 Trails In and Around Pullman, Washington

When you visit a city like Pullman, Washington, take the time to explore.  In Pullman, there are several trails within the city, as well as trails worth going the distance for. Here is a list of the Top 10 Trails in and around Pullman, Washington, for walking and for biking.  

1. The Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

In any conversation about trails in Pullman, Washington, the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is sure to come up. While it might not be located in the woods, it is a great way to see the natural beauty of the Inland Northwest all around you. The Pullman portion begins near a convenient parking lot, and the 8-mile trail itself is paved and flat, perfect for a long walk or a bike ride. As for where the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail ends, it connects to Moscow, Idaho, Pullman’s sister city across the state line. If you need to rest along the way, there are several benches available, and a short detour will take you to the WSU Bear Center

2. Pullman Trails within the City

While the Bill Chipman Trail will take you to another city if you follow it out of Pullman, Pullman has many trails that will take you to places within the city. These are especially great if you like to Bike, and you can follow these trails all around town on a Bike Tour of Pullman, Washington.  

3. Arboretum Perimeter Trail

The Arboretum Perimeter Trail, located across from the WSU Bear Center, an unpaved trail that works a circle around, and yet has many side paths that will lead you to some picturesque places.

4. Klemgard County Park

Discover the enchanting Klemgard County Park nestled between Colfax and Pullman. Venture along a beautiful trail with panoramic views from its elevated vantage point. This scenic trail spans approximately a mile, presenting a great blend of uphill and downhill terrain.

5. Magpie Forest Trail

If you head to the “Apartment Land” section of Pullman, you will find a fun trail to take you through the woods with views of the wide-open spaces of the Inland Northwest. This is the Magpie Forest Trail, and it is a good place to see the wonderful view from the edge of the city of Pullman.

6. Conservation Park

Conservation Park is due to a formal agreement with the City of Pullman and the Phoenix Conservancy. Conservation Park is a roughly 13-acre park in a residential area of Pullman, WA, in a space that includes trails, views, and a small amount of native Palouse Prairie plant species.

7. Rose Creek Nature Preserve

Rose Creek Nature Preserve is located 7.5 northwest of Pullman, near the close city of Albion. It is a 22-acre preserve that has many trails to explore with a lot of great plant species and great views of wide open spaces.

8. Colfax Trail

The Colfax Trail follows the river northwest of the town of Colfax, along an abandoned rail corridor. You will be able to see the river bottom as well as the rolling Palouse Hills.

9. Steptoe Butte State Park

Steptoe Butte State Park is a 3,612-foot summit that has a trail and road leading all the way to the top. You’ll see a lovely view of the unique Palouse Hills, and if you stay until sunset, you are going to get a beautiful picture.

10. Kamiak Butte State Park

Similar to Steptoe State Park, Kamiak Butte State Park rises high in the Inland Northwest and offers spectacular views.