U of I Arboretum

The University of Idaho Arboreta is located on the University of Idaho campus, and it is a combination of trail and a botanical garden.  There are several species of plants

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Paradise Path

The Paradise Path is a link between the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail and the Latah Trail.  The western end passes right through the University of Idaho’s campus, to go through

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Greenbelt Trail

Greenbelt Trail is one of two trails connected by two bridges on two rivers in two states, and the Greenbelt Trail runs up the Snake River between the cities of

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Grand Avenue Greenway

The Grand Avenue Greenway is a segment of the Pullman Loop Trail, circling Pullman’s College Hill neighborhood as well as the Washington State University campus.   The Grand Avenue Greenway begins

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Colfax Trail

The Colfax Trail follows the river northwest of the town of Colfax, along an abandoned rail corridor.  You will be able to see the river bottom as well as the

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Magpie Forest Trail

The Magpie Forest Trail is a 0.5 mile loop, and it takes a 15 minutes to complete.  You will find a lot of birding, hiking, and walking on the Magpie

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