Pullman In The Winter

The winter in Pullman, Washington, can be so cold it can be difficult to stay outside for too long without proper clothing. There also might be snow, and there might be quite a lot of it. While it might be warmer to stay inside, there are a lot of reasons for you and your family to go out in the cold (and even through a few inches of snow) for a trip to Pullman, Washington.

Parks in Pullman, Washington

While the parks might not be the best place for a family trip (some of them might be closed for the winter) that doesn’t mean the trails might not be worth the walk, even if it is a cold hike. This might be a good time to find a steep hill and go sledding, and several of the parks, such as Sunnyside Park offer some good inclines.

Here are other parks that may be open for a visit:

And much more, both inside and outside of Pullman’s nearby city limits.

Cultural Events and Museums in Pullman, Washington

It might be cold outside, but it is warm in the many museums and theaters.  You can also find similar places of interest in Pullman, Washington, and its surrounding cities, such as:

Also, don’t let the cold keep you from the golf course, as AirWay Hills Golf Center has three indoor golf simulators available.

Just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean that you can’t take a swim. The Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center (PAFC) has winter hours and is all indoors, perfect for family fun on a frozen day.

WSU Activities in Pullman, Washington

Another place to stay warm in a Pullman winter is Washington State University, as it has many museums and various monuments to see in any season. Many of these places to see are indoors, like the Indoor Climbing Wall at the Recreation Center on WSU campus.

There are other places on WSU that are good for an outdoors visit, even on the coldest winter day:

Then there are all kinds of activities made for kids, adults, and seniors, all of them can be found at the Pullman Parks and Recreation Website. For example, there are all kinds of activities at the Pullman Senior Center, as well as educational activities for kids at the Palouse Discovery Science Center. The Pullman Recreation Center has an open gym for youth/families as well as just for youth. Speaking of youth, there are many great sports for teens and tweens. Don’t let the cold weather and/or snow take them away from having a life-changing experience!

Monthly Events of Winter in Pullman, Washington


They say that Christmas comes earlier each year, but most the holiday events around Pullman, Washington are limited to the month of December.  It is during the first few weeks when Fall Semester at Washington State University wraps up, and many WSU students prefer to leave Pullman for their Winter Break.

The first Saturday of December is the time of Pullman’s Holiday Festival, complete with a vast schedule of events like a tree lighting ceremony and a special appearance from Santa Claus. Many local businesses have their Christmas traditions, like how Pullman Building Supply offers pictures of Santa with families and even pets.

In mid-December, the church of Living Faith Fellowship hosts a Drive-Thru Nativity to experience the Christmas story as people act out the highlights, complete with an angelic choir and the manger scene.

It is also a time when many businesses have their Santa pictures available, such as Pullman Building Supply, which allows for both families and pets.  

Again, any place you are driving around Pullman will give you many great Christmas lights, and some houses go all out with light celebrations.  A short family drive will reveal many, with some houses having lights set to musical numbers.


Once Christmas is over, and New Years arrives, and there are quite a few New Years Eve parties to attend, such as one at Etsi Bravo.

About a week after New Years Day, the students of Washington State University return from their holiday break. The town of Pullman soon becomes busy once again, but not as busy as the beginning of Fall Semester.

Even with all the cold that comes during December through February, Pullman still keeps itself warm with all the activity that happens within city limits, as well as all the neighboring cities nearby.  As the cold weather gets warmer, winter in Pullman, Washington comes to an end, and spring comes, opening up a lot of warmer weather activities for you and your family.