Take a Tour of Washington State University in Less Than a Day

When visiting Pullman, Washington, don’t miss the opportunity to explore all the treasures this city has to offer. Pullman proudly houses Washington State University (WSU), a hub of activity and intriguing sights.

For a great start to your self-guided adventure, head over to the Brelsford Welcome Center at 150 E Spring St. You can’t miss it – just look for the giant “WSU” marking the spot. While the Brelsford Visitor’s Center is technically not part of the WSU Campus, it’s a fantastic starting point to familiarize yourself with the university. Here, you can gather valuable insights about WSU before officially stepping onto campus and grab a helpful map to ensure you make the most of your visit.

Embarking on your Pullman exploration offers the choice of two distinct paths. The first route leads you down Main Street, guiding you across the bridge until you arrive at the Elson Floyd Cultural Center.

Alternatively, the second path invites you to park and walk, bearing in mind the parking challenges on campus without a proper parking pass or meter payment. This guide predominantly focuses on a walking tour, so be prepared to park a bit away from campus to commence your journey.

Follow Spring Street to Lentil Lane until you reach the end of Reaney Way, close to Reaney Park. A climb up a series of stairs awaits you, guiding you towards the WSU Historical Arch—an iconic landmark that enhances your journey with a touch of history.

After passing through the Engineering buildings such as Sloan Hall and Dana Hall, you will reach Spokane Avenue. From there you can head down to see the Elson Floyd Cultural Center.  This is a newer building that has an interesting architectural aesthetic, and it is quite the sight to see. 

While you are at the Elson Floyd Cultural Center, this places you close to the official Welcome sign.  It is the perfect place to take a picture near the front of the WSU campus, with a Welcome Sign on both sides of the street. 

Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center and WSU Welcome Sign

Head on up Stadium Way to Nevada Street to the Spark, and see another one of the newer buildings on campus with its state-of-the-art classrooms and a bottom-floor lounge area complete with a Starbucks. 

If you travel toward College Mall, you’ll see the Webster Physical Science building, the tallest building on campus.  There are three museums at Webster: the Culver Study Memorial Museum, the Jacklin Collection of Silicified Wood and Minerals, and the S. Elroy McCaw Fluorescent Mineral Display

Near the Webster Building stands Abelson Hall, home to the Connor Museum. This unique space showcases an extensive collection of several hundred bird and mammal species preserved through taxidermy. A visit to the Connor Museum is an immersion into the world of natural history, offering an opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich diversity of wildlife in a captivating and educational setting.

If you continue on the Library Mall, you can head up to see Bryan Clock Tower, one of the most recognizable landmarks on the WSU campus.  Also in this area are the Veteran’s Memorial and the Hello Walk. 

Around this central area is College Hall, containing the Museum of Anthropology, an appointment-only museum featuring archaeological and regional Native American collections.   

While you are near College Hall, head to Holland and Terrell Library.  The Holland Library is one of the oldest buildings on campus, but Terrell is a new addition and at the top of the building sits a picturesque glass dome. 

Continuing along Terrell Mall, you’ll come across the bustling hub of the Compton Union Building. Within this space lies the Student Book Center and the Bookie. Beyond being a center for academic resources, the building offers a vibrant experience with a food court, various businesses, and occasional movie screenings. Whether you’re looking for textbooks or a place to sit and unwind, the Compton Union Building has something for everyone.

Directly opposite the CUB stands the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, a modern structure covered with a distinctive crimson touch. Immerse yourself in the rich artistic displays within its walls. For those seeking more creative inspiration, Gallery II and Gallery III at Fine Arts provide additional avenues to explore a diverse array of captivating artworks.

Descending along Wilson Mall leads you to French Administration and Lighty Student Services. Here, a wealth of campus information awaits, covering various locations including some not highlighted here.

Continuing down Wilson Road unveils the Lewis Alumni Center, a repurposed barn with the rich history of WSU on display.

If you head over to Ellis Way to Cross Road, take a left on Ferdinand’s Lane and stop by Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe.  Not only will you get a sweet treat, but you can watch the ice cream being made in the dairy itself. 

If you head to Stadium Way, you will see the Cougar Pride statue, a great place for a WSU photo.  From there, you can leave WSU via Stadium Way. 

And with that, your tour of WSU will be concluded! From there you can then explore Pullman sights, sounds, and the surrounding area!