Pullman In The Fall

After a hot summer in Pullman, Washington, the first part of the month of August is very quiet and calm throughout the city and surrounding area, and then Washington State University begins its Fall Semester. Once the students of WSU return, this is when the town of Pullman becomes very busy, and the leaves on the trees change color to create a very colorful backdrop for the months of autumn.  It is also a time of great activities, and a good time to visit Pullman Washington and its surrounding area for a good time with your family.


City Parks in Pullman, Washington

It would be a time for you and your family to visit a park or hike a trail before the weather gets too cold, as the temperatures begin to drop in October. While the parks might not be in their full bloom, they can still be enjoyed on a pleasant day. For example, if you and your family travel to Moscow to the University of Idaho (U of I) Arboretum, which is a huge beautiful place when the leaves change color. Pullman has many parks to visit, some with trails to walk for a good chance to get away.

If you have younger kids, then take advantage of the weather to enjoy the amenities of these city parks, including:

And much more, both inside and outside of Pullman’s nearby city limits.

Trails in Pullman, Washington

It is also a good place to bike or walk the Bill Chipman Trail.  There are trails and parks to visit all over the Inland Northwest, and the temperature can be a good level to visit them, such as:

Cultural Events and Museums in Pullman, Washington

There are also a lot of great indoor activities like cultural events and museums that you can visit during this time with your family:

WSU Attractions in Pullman, Washington

I highly recommend going to WSU and walking in the cool outdoors to see several of the campus landmarks:

Golf Courses in Pullman, Washington

If golf is what you want to do, and the weather permits it, then head to one of the many golf courses that are near to Pullman:

Photography in Pullman, Washington

Fall in Pullman, Washington is a great time for doing photography, as Pullman and the surrounding Palouse area is beginning to bloom. The Palouse Scenic Byway is full of spots like this, such as Kamiak and Steptoe Butte, and you will see how beautiful the Inland Northwest can be at all times of the day and night (particularly the sunset). Also highly recommended is Palouse Falls, which is a 200 foot drop and possibly a rainbow on a good day.

One place of note is the Inland Northwest Ale Trail. Since the Inland Northwest is home to over 46 individual breweries, you should be able to find all kinds of beverages to sample, but according to the map on the main website, the Inland Northwest Ale Trail will take you to all kinds of places like Ellensburg and Spokane.

Then there are all kinds of activities made for kids, adults, and seniors, and all of them can be found at the Pullman Parks and Recreation Website. For example, there are many activities at the Pullman Senior Center, as well as educational activities for kids at the Palouse Discovery Science Center. The Pullman Recreation Center has an open gym for youth/families as well as just for youth. Speaking of youth, there are many great sports for teens and tweens.

Monthly events of Fall in Pullman, Washington


During the week when the WSU students come back, there is a huge event on the city streets of Pullman, WA known as The National Lentil Festival.  The National Lentil Festival coincides with the end of harvest time, and it celebrates the time when Pullman was the “Lentil Capital of the World”.  

The National Lentil Festival is centered at Reaney Park in downtown Pullman, and has some entertainment, vendors, sports events, all devoted to everyone’s favorite bean.  This annual event plays host to over 30,000 visitors, and it is a good time for everyone as there is something for all ages, including a parade on Main Street bringing in all local businesses, politicians, and the WSU sports teams.


Of course, what really brings people to Pullman is when the WSU Cougars play football, and here is the gaming schedule for the Football team in 2023. The asterisk (*) indicates that it is a home game, played at Washington State University’s own Gesa Field.

o Sept 2 vs. Colorado State
o Sept 9 vs. Wisconsin *
o Sept. 16 vs. Northern Colorado *
o Sept 23 vs. Oregon State *
o Sept. 30 vs. BYU *
o Oct. 7 vs. UCLA
o Oct. 14 vs Arizona *

o Oct. 21 vs. Oregon
o Oct. 28 vs. Arizona State
o Nov. 4 vs. Stanford *
o Nov. 11 vs. California
o Nov. 17 vs. Colorado *
o Nov. 25 vs. Washington

Just to give you a heads-up, the hotels in the Pullman, Washington fill up fast during football weekends, so plan accordingly. The WSU football season concludes with the Apple Cup, which alternates every year from being in Seattle to being in Pullman.  Of course, it is always big for the city when it is in Pullman, but it is in Seattle in 2023.

Bishop’s Orchard is also another great place to go, as it allows visitors to harvest and process fruit using the same methods used in past generations by several farms in rural America. Located in Garfield, Washington, there is a great drive for a chance to pick a wide variety of apples on a you-pick basis. Bishop’s Orchard is open in early September though October.


The Fall Vintage and Handcraft Fair to teach farm style, rustic americana, and industrial chic, and it is at the Beasley Colesum, close to Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, there are a lot of events happening at that time for kids that do trick-or-treating, or adults who just want to get together.

Yes, Fall is practically the beginning of the year in Pullman, Washington, as WSU students both new and old return.  As the weather gets colder, the fall begins to end, and yes, “winter is coming”.  But winter isn’t just cold in Pullman, it is also full of fun activities for everyone of all ages as it becomes the holiday season.