Park Hopping and Playground Scavenger Hunt in Pullman, Washington!

If you have kids, then I highly recommend the fun activity of park hopping.  Not familiar with park hopping?  If you Google it, then you’ll find it usually means visiting two or more Disney Parks in a day.  However, if you are in Pullman, Washington, it is a term that I use to take your kids to more than one park/playground in one day.  

Park hopping in Pullman, Washington is a great way to spend time with your kids, and relax for a little bit while your kids play.  There are so many parks in Pullman, Washington, and here is a complete list of the ones that you can find within city limits.  

City Playfield – 820 SE South St

Conservation Park – 799 NW Darrow St

Harrison Tot Lot – 337 NW Harrison St

Itani Park – 950 SW Crestview Dr

Kruegel Park – 705 SE Dilke St

Lawson Gardens – 705 SE Derby St

Mary’s Park – 1570 SE Johnson Ave

McGee Park – 1220 NE Lybecker St

Military Hill Park – 500 NW Greyhound Park

Reaney Park – 690 NE Reaney Way

Spring Street Park – 325 E Spring

Sunnyside Park – 147 SW Cedar St

Terre View Park – 325 NW Terre View Dr

Woodcraft Park – 370 SE Pine St

I recommend going to many of them, and I also recommend a scavenger hunt, matching the photos below with the parks above.  

How many can you identify now? 

The Great Pullman Parks/Playgrounds Scavenger Hunt

Let’s start with this one below.  Can’t figure it out?  If this playground equipment isn’t enough, check out the view!

Oh, if you can only read that sign on the left!  It’s definitely a good place for a picnic lunch on a warm day!

This dog might not be there when you visit this park, but this unique bench will be.  

This would be a good place to sit and watch a game, wouldn’t it?  

It’s an unusual piece of playground equipment, isn’t it?  I’ll give you a hint:  most of the other equipment here matches this color scheme.  

This gazebo is very beautiful, but this park is most known for its beautiful flowers.  

Is that you, Barney?  No?  Well, you’ll find this purple dinosaur at this park.  

The sign below says open from Dawn to Dusk. Looks like this park is open now.  Do you know it?

That enormous pile of sticks in the background might not be there when you visit this park, but it does have many pathways like this!

I could have put a lot of things in this park to represent this particular place.  Do you know it? 

Is it time to take this train?

At what park can you find this blue tower?

Is this the only park in Pullman with a duck pond?

This is a park devoted to skating!

That is all of the parks for Pullman.  How many can you name?

If you don’t know the answers, click on the links to the parks above, and it will be obvious.  I would recommend just going to the parks to find the answers, as you will have a lot more fun!