Top 5 Cities to Visit Near Pullman, Washington

While you are enjoying your visit to Pullman, Washington, it is recommended that you visit some of its nearby cities.  Many of them are less than an hour away, and they are worth seeing as they have all kinds of sites to see. 

1. Moscow, ID

Moscow, Idaho is the sister city of Pullman, Washington, complete with its own University (University of Idaho or U of I) on the other side of the Washington state border.  You could walk to Moscow, ID with the Bill Chipman Trail, and then take the Paradise Path to the Latah County Trail to go even farther. 

In addition to the three main trails along Moscow, ID, there are many places to visit such as the Appaloosa Museum, the U of I Arboretum, and the Idler’s Rest Conservatory and Nature Preserve.  

2. Palouse, WA

Palouse, Washington, is a small town located close to the Idaho border,  at the junction of the Palouse River of State Route 27. 

It is surrounded by a lot of great scenery with acres of wheat, and it is a few miles away from Kamiak Butte.  

3. Colfax, WA

Even though Pullman is the biggest and most populated city of Whitman County, Washington, Colfax is the actual county seat with the Whitman County Courthouse.  

Colfax is the location of the Libey Gallery near the Colfax Library as well as The Codger Pole, a 65-foot chainsaw carved wooden sculpture commemorating a big football game from 1988.  You can also find the Colfax Trail and Steptoe Butte just shortly outside of town.  

4. Colton, WA

Colton is a small town in between Pullman and Lewiston, the southern entrance to the Palouse Scenic Byway on US 195 in southeastern Washington.

It’s very small town that has a great town square, and very really picturesque building with Saint Gall Catholic Church.  

5. Uniontown

Uniontown is known as “Little Town, Big Story”.  So what is the story?  Well, it has many interesting characters and history of its residents. 

You will find several places for antiquing, and the Artists of Dahmen Barn, an amazing barn of a building on the edge of town.