Top 10 Just For Fun spots in Pullman, Washington

Pullman, Washington might be best known for being the location for Washington State University (WSU), but there is really a lot to do in Pullman, Washington other than going to school.  In fact, there are several places to go just for fun in Pullman, Washington, and here are the Top Ten. 

1. Palouse Discovery Science Center

The Palouse Discovery Science Center is a non-profit organization that wants to connect children through their families with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) exploration.  At the Palouse Discovery Science Center, you will see a lot of hands-on exhibits that demonstrate a scientific principle in action, and it is very educational and fun.   The Palouse Discovery Science Center is a good place to take large groups, especially kids.  It is even a great place to book a birthday party with several guests. 

2. Village Centre Cinemas

If you are looking to see a movie in Pullman, look no further than the Village Center Cinemas.  There are several screens, with one of them being the latest in technology for a very great sound.  The concession stand is open with refillable popcorn and drinks, and there is a lot of older films being played as well for nostalgic feels. 

3. Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center

The Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center is a large indoor pool and exercise facility located near Pullman High School and Military Hill Park.  The Pool is kept at a good temperature and is great for doing laps as well as just fun in the water.  It is a great place to go in the summer and winter time. 

4. Reaney Park Pool

The Reaney Park Pool is an outdoor pool located in Reaney Park, right next to the playgrounds.  There is a lot of fun to have at Reaney Park Pool, and you can do laps as well as the diving board. 

5. Zeppoz Bowling and Mr. Z's Casino

Zeppoz is a terrific place that is really designed for all ages.  Younger ones will enjoy the bowling alley as well as the arcade.  Adults will enjoy Mr. Z’s casino, and the entire family will enjoy eating at the restaurant. 

6. The Batting Cage

At The Batting Cage, you are going to have a chance to make a hit of your own, and you’re sure to find a home run, of fun!

7. WSU Bear Center

The Washington State University has a Bear Research Center that is devoted to the research, education, and conservation of the grizzly bear.  In fact, there are always live grizzlies at the research center, and visitors can observe them safely in their double-fenced roaming area.

8. Charles R. Conner Museum at Abelson Hall WSU

Located on the first floor of Abelson Hall on Washington State University, the Charles R. Conner Museum is the largest public collection of birds and mammals in the Pacific Northwest with 700 mounts.  There are three separate wings devoted to these exhibits that were formerly on display at the Chicago World’s Fair.

9. Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe

Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe is a very well-known place on Washington State University.  Visitors of Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe will find all kinds of gourmet ice cream, old fashioned ice cream, soda foundation treats, gourmet coffee, espresso drinks, as well as Cougar Cheese, a unique cheese that comes in a can.  In addition to getting tasty treats at Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe, visitors also have a chance to see the dairy products being made at the viewing center.

10. Culver/Jacklin/McCaw Science Musuems at Webster Hall

Webster Science Hall has not one, but three museums inside devoted to science, that have fun hands-on exhibits and beautiful displays.  The Culver Science Museum has the most hands-on demonstrations of science in action.  The Jacklin Collection of Silicified Wood and Minerals has a lot of petrified wood and geodes on display, and the S. Elroy Fluorescent Mineral Display Museum has a lot of glowing stones to that are very impressive.