Top 10 Best and Unique Restaurants of Pullman, Washington

If you are looking for a place to eat around Pullman, Washington, you are going to find quite a few of them.  If you are looking for a place to eat and create a new great memory, these are several places to choose from. 

1. Pups and Cups Cafe

Granted, Pups and Cups isn’t really a restaurant per se, but there are dishes served that are a good lunch and dinner.  Not only is the food and drink very good, most people go for the dogs.  Yes, you can take your dogs into Pups and Cups Café, and there is even a place in the back where they can play. 

2. The Lumberyard

If you are looking for a spacious place to eat, you’re not going to be able to find a more spacious than The Lumberyard.  You are also going to have a lot to choose from as far as the menu is concerned, because The Lumberyard isn’t just one restaurant, but four. 

3. Heros and Sports

Heros N Sports are made for heros, and referring to the sandwich.  You will find all of kinds of sandwiches and drinks at Heros N Sports, and you will also find all kinds of sports themes going on with the decor. 

4. It's Poke-Man

For those that really enjoy the poke bowl, then you will absolutely love the food at It’s Poke-Man.  At It’s Poke-Man, you can chose your own type of poke bowl to pick your size, your base, your protein, your sauce, and then a good choice of toppings.  In addition to the menu at It’s Poke-Man, you can also find some food to go with the items at Grander Goods Natural Market.  

5. Rico's Public House

Rico’s Public House has been in business since 1909, but originally at different location.  Rico’s Public House has a definite vintage aesthetic with all kinds of drinks available at the bar.  In addition to the drinks, the food menu has a lot of choices, and is an excellent place to get together with friends.   

6. Cougar Country Drive-In

As you can tell from the name, Cougar Country Drive-In is a fast-food restaurant born out of Washington State University.  This family-owned and managed restaurant has been open since 1973, and it uses 100 percent locally sourced angus Beef on their burgers.

7. Yia Yia Nikki's

If you want to eat some great Greek and Mediterranean food, then you really need to eat at Yia Yia Nikki’s.  Yia Yia Nikki’s is locally-owned and operated, and it is the perfect place to get yourself a Pita full of a great meal, salads, and much more!

8. Black Cypress

The Black Cypress is a very fine place of dining located on Pullman’s historic Main Street.  Specializing in Greek food, The Black Cypress Bar and Kitchen brings the finest of food and wine with great service.  There is even a shop for individual take-home items like wine and Greek foods.

9. Sella's

Sella’s has been in business for decades, located just across the street from the entrance of WSU campus.  Sella’s is a Calzone and Pizza restaurant, and you get to decide what toppings that you want for maximum deliciousness!  What really makes Sella’s unique is that it is decorated with art made by the customers.  Yes, they give you a sheet of paper with crayons, and you can get your drawing on the Sella’s hall of fame on the wall!   

10. South Fork

South Fork promises a fun and casual atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome. The food of South Fork is very fine, and the bar has a digital menu with great beers on tap along with lots of wines as well.

So that is the top ten places to eat in Pullman, Washington, and they are in no particular order.  They are not the only places to eat in Pullman, Washington, and you are sure to find other places to satisfy your appetite, so take a look around!