The Palouse Empire Fair, Near Pullman, Washington

For over one hundred years, the Palouse Empire Fair has been an annual event that occurs every September near Colfax, WA.  Colfax is the county seat of Whitman County, and it is about 16 miles away from Pullman, a city best known for Washington State University. 

The Palouse Empire Fair was founded in order to promote, develop, and improve the agriculture, livestock, business, industry, and home life of resident families, youth, and visitors in a friendly atmosphere while maintaining their safety, welfare, and health.  All activities are designed to promote the fostering of good fellowship, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship and encourage the conservation of the soil and other natural resources of Whitman County. 

What to do at the Palouse Empire Fair

So, what is it that you will see at the Palouse Empire Fair?  For one thing, you will find a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) Rodeo at the Palouse Empire Fair Rodeo Arena.  There is also the Palouse Empire Fair Local Rodeo to support the youth and local riders of the community. 

Yes! there will be a lot of animals on display at the Palouse Empire Fair, as there will be many 4H livestock for you to see (and possibly touch).  There are also small animal exhibit areas with cats, dogs, poultry, and rabbits. 

Not only will you see a lot at the 2023 Palouse Empire Fair, but you can really learn a lot.  There are many 4H classes, not to mention Lace Making classes, a shopping bag sewing demonstration, and a parent’s turn at the Halter Class. 


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The Palouse Empire Fair also includes some really interesting competitions like a Dog Show and Cow Chip Bingo!  For those not aware, Cow Chip Bingo is where you take bets on where a cow is going to…do its business.

In addition to animals, classes, and competitions at the Palouse Empire Fair, there are other exhibits on display, like flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, photographs, and many other great things to see! 

The Palouse Empire Fair is also a carnival, and you had better believe that there will be rides.  Grab a wristband and carnival day pass for a lot of fun!  You had better believe that there will be a lot of booths for food, so bring a “fair” appetite.

The Palouse Empire Fair also has its theme days.  In 2023, the theme on Friday was Family Day, on Saturday, it was Wear Game Day gear, and then on Sunday, it was Patriotic Day. 

It’s rare that the phrase “something for everyone” applies, but you can rest assured that you will have a lot of fun at the Palouse Empire Fair.  So make a plan to visit when it is in town, and prepare for a day or a few days of pure fun!