Music on Main in Pullman, Washington

In Pullman, Washington, we celebrate the arts and their importance in bringing the community together. Not only does the City of Pullman Chamber of Commerce host the Three Forks River and Arts Festival, but it celebrates music with a weekly event that takes place every Thursday evening!  Music on Main runs during the months of June through September to coincide with the warm weather of summer. 

Yes, Music on Main is dependent on the weather being sunny and not rainy, but when Music on Main happens, it is at Pine Street Plaza.  Pine Street Plaza is located right on Main Street, at the front of Thomas Hammer and their very colorful mural.  In the background is a beautiful bridge over the South Fork Palouse River, with a walking trail and a small waterfall. 

Music on Main has been happening since 2018, performing since before the event even had a name.  For those who enjoy listening to live music at a small venue, this is the event for you.  There will be some artists that will draw a larger crowd than others, and you should be prepared if it is a very hot day. It can be pretty hot fun in the summertime in the city of Pullman, Washington.   

Artists Who Performed at Music on Main

Music on Main brings in local artists to perform on the street, and many of these acts have taken their show on the road and have achieved much throughout their careers.  These are the artists that performed at Music on Main in the summer of 2023.  

Solid Ghost

Solid Ghost, who just recently released their debut album “Ghost Boogie” featuring Instrumental Psychedelic Hard Rock with a Bluesy edge, heavy riffage, grinding bass, thundering drums, inspired melodies, blazing guitar solos, and more! 

Dan Maher

Dan Maher has hosted Northwest Public Broadcasting’s Inland Folk radio show for 38 years, and he is a seasoned performer, collector of songs, and master of sing-a-longs. 

The Cherry Sister's Revival

The Cherry Sister’s Revival brings a blend of old-time traditional folk music, a little bluegrass, classic country, and “some other treats are thrown in just for fun.” 

Eric E.

Eric E. refers to himself as a “true blue-collar musician,” doing 250 shows a year for 17 years and over 100 a year since then”.  He is a dynamic performer with a unique ability to engage his audience and make them feel personally involved.  He uses an acoustic guitar and clear tenor voice to perform songs that are remembered and loved by listeners of all ages, along with original numbers. 


Soulstice plays music that people know and love, such as melodic classic rock, pop, R & B, and blues.  (Photo credit: Phil Mixter.)

Auf Gehts German Band

Auf Gehts German Band is a subset of musicians from the Community Band of the Palouse who perform at various community events throughout the Palouse area. 


Paradox is a 5-piece cover band that performs rock, pop, folk, and country music from the 1950s and beyond. 

Ally Fraser-Robinson

Ally Fraser-Robinson was recently named artist of the week by Seattle Refined. Ally writes predominately indie/folk about the experiences of those close to her, as well as her own experiences and realizations that she has. 

Other artists who performed at Music on Main in 2023 include:

  • Ray Wallace and Jill Freuden
  • Eric Jessup
  • Leslie Sena and Mozi Jones
  • Jon and Rand Band
  • Morgan Brothers Band
  • Scott Thompson
  • The Snake River Six
  • Smith and Reilly


Maybe none of those names and bands are as famous as Taylor Swift, but you had better believe that you will get a great show! 

So grab a chair, stop by a local business for something to eat, and then sit back and let the evening go with some live Music on Main in Pullman, Washington.