10 of the Most Unique Stores in Pullman, Washington

Many who visit Pullman are here because they want to see Washington State University (WSU), but it is more than just the school that makes Pullman, Washington an interesting place to visit. Pullman is the home of the Cougars, but in addition to the college-town vibe, Pullman has a lot of very interesting stores, particularly in the heart of downtown (Main and Grand).

Palouse Treasures Thrift Store: 1005 NW Nye Street

Embark on a unique treasure hunt at Palouse Treasures Thrift Store, where hidden gems await your discovery. This two-story store, established in 2003, transforms shopping into an exciting adventure, whether you’re on the hunt for essentials or simply exploring your whims and wants.

Beyond its eclectic offerings, Palouse Treasures is deeply rooted in community values. Established with a mission to empower individuals with disabilities on the Palouse, the thrift store serves as a vital avenue for local residents to contribute. By supporting Palouse Treasures, patrons actively bolster the mission and services of Boost Collaborative, a transformative organization dedicated to empowering people with disabilities.

A Modern Plantsman: 245 South Grand Ave.

A Modern Plantsman is a plant shop, a botany club, as well as a workshop. A Modern Plantsman features several breeds of plants, with a specialty in tropical plants.

Marking its presence as the first plant boutique in the Inland area, this unique shop prioritizes an inclusive atmosphere. The owner is committed to providing a welcoming space for everyone who steps through the doors. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the hands-on experience of working with plants, whether participating in a workshop or simply exploring their fascination with the botanical world. At this establishment, there’s an open invitation to join a community that not only permits but celebrates the joy of getting one’s hands a little dirty in the pursuit of plant appreciation.

Brused Books: 235 East Main Street

Brused Books is a type of bookstore that feels like it is out of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. The shelves are filled to the brim with all kinds of books that are also very well-organized, so no matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it. Some of the books that you will discover will be hardcovers of rare or hard to find books that are in good condition.

DREGS: 255 NE Olsen Street

If you are looking for vintage items, such as clothes or vinyl records, they are most certainly found at DREGS. This store has a wide selection and a lot of space to look around and discover something old, from many past decades. There is really not any limit to what you may find, as there are books, videotapes, comics, and just about anything you can think of! 

Sanctuary Yoga, Barre, and Dance: 540 East Main Street

Sanctuary is this region’s premier Yoga, Barre, and Dance studio. Not only does Sanctuary offer a full range of dance disciplines for all ages and levels, but there are instructors to teach dancing students all kinds of techniques and styles. Sanctuary also has a wide assortment of healthy food available like smoothies, bowls, waffles, and toast bistro that are vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free.

The lobby of Sanctuary has a wide selection of Lululemon yoga apparel and gear. In short, Sanctuary is a sanctuary for those who want to do something healthy with their life. 

Lily Bee’s Boutique: 400 East Main Street

Lily Bee’s Boutique radiates a love for fashion, presenting an economical and eclectic assortment. It stands out with reasonably priced bridal dresses from diverse designers, catering to fashion and vintage devotees. Those in pursuit of designer denim, distinctive jewelry, and throwback styles will discover a sanctuary. As a family-operated establishment, the welcoming atmosphere guarantees a charming antiquing experience at Lily Bee’s Boutique.

Palouse Games: 141 North Grand Avenue

Located right in the middle of downtown Pullman, Palouse Games is a store made for all kinds of games. Palouse Games also has gaming accessories, like dice and figurines. It is also a very popular place for collectible card games such as Magic The Gathering. 

Palouse Games is more than just a store that sells games. It’s also a place to play games with your friends! Inside the store, there are tables where you can bring your own games or try out the games they have available. Palouse Games also hosts fun events where lots of people come together to play games and have a great time. It’s not just a store—it’s a fun place where you can enjoy games and make new friends!

Michelle’s Closet: 123 North Grand Avenue

Michelle’s Closet offers the most unique and highest quality sustainable merchandise in the Palouse area. Michelle’s Closet also has a consignment offering for those interested in participating. What began as a search for shoes by the owner and founder became a purpose to find quality clothing at Michelle’s Closet.   

The Interior of Michelle's Closet in Pullman Washington

Brain Body Balance Rock Shop: 594 SE Bishop Boulevard

One thing that you will find at Brain Body Balance Rock Shop is rocks, but not just any kind of rocks. These are rocks that are polished and beautiful, with a mission to provide positive energy and space to those seeking wellness. 

The Brain Body Balance Rock Shop has all kinds of geological wares on display including jewels. Not only is the Brain Body Balance Rock Shop willing to sell all kinds of pretty rocks, but they are also willing to share where a customer can dig up their own rocks or precious stones. 

Palouse Country Candy: 105 North Grand Avenue

The Palouse Country Candy looks like an old-fashioned candy shop, complete with shelves full of all kinds of sweets. Palouse Country Candy not only features the latest in unique and unusual sweet treats, including a selection of European candy, they also have a variety of gelato. If you have a sweet tooth, you will find it satisfied here. 

There are a lot of interesting stores in Pullman, Washington, and it is very easy to visit them within a single day. In fact, most of them are located within walking distance of downtown, which makes visiting them a good opportunity to tour the downtown area.