8 Brewery Tours in and around Pullman, Washington

For those that are interested in finding brewers within the Inland Northwest, there are many options to choose from, not to mention a lot of wineries.  So if you have a group of friends that you want to travel with, and you want to take in Palouse region, here are many places where you can go on your brewery or winery tour in and around Pullman, Washington.

The Inland Northwest Ale Trail

For brewery tours, you could take the Inland Northwest Ale Trail, a way to see over forty six breweries.  This Inland Northwest Trail isn’t something that can be done in a few hours, as the locations vary from central Washington (Ellensberg), to Spokane, to Coeur D’Alene, and more.  These cities are more than 100 miles apart in some areas.

To complete the Inland Northwest Ale Trail, you can pick twelve breweries in order to get stamps for visiting and purchasing a drink at the brewery.  Once you have twelve of these stamps, you are eligible for the Ale Trail prize, a 32-oz mini-growler. 

For the Palouse region, you will find at least four great Breweries of the Inland Northwest Ale Trail in and around Pullman, WA, Moscow, ID, and Clarkston, WA.    It isn’t enough to fill twelve stamps on a stamp card, but it is enough to plan around your local Brewery tour for Pullman, Washington. 

Breweries in the Palouse Area on the Northwest Ale Trail

Paradise Creek Brewery Downtown Restaurant and Trailside Taproom

Paradise Creek Brewery was established in 2010 and was born in Pullman’s Old Post Office building at 245 SE Paradise St.  The ales are crafted in the remodeled basement on a seven-barrel brew house.  Paradise Creek Brewery pours much of the beer on its own taps and then distributed throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho in kegs and bottles. 

In addition to the Paradise Creek Brewery restaurant at the Old Post Office, there is a Trailside Taproom, which located in a different location, close to the City Playfields and the Bill Chipman Trail.  You can get all kinds of drinks under this great mural with its large outdoor patio that is dog friendly, and order anything you want from the nearby restaurant to be eaten here. 

Moscow Brewing Company

Moscow Brewing Company is Moscow’s historic first brewery with handcrafted local beer.  The Moscow Brewing Company features one-offs and seasonal’s frequently utilizing specialty Palouse grown malts, regionally grown hops, kettle sours, and more options. 

The original Moscow Brewing Company was established in 1882, and Moscow reunited with its native Brewer in 2013.  Moscow Brewing Company uses the very wheat and barely fields in the area, and there is a warm atmosphere made for beer lovers. 

Riverport Brewing Company

Riverport Brewing Company is located on 150 9th St. Clarkston, WA, and it is a good place for friends to meet.  You’ll be able to find a lot of micro brewed beer. 

Breweries not on the Northwest Ale Trail

While these Breweries are not on the Northwest Ale Trail, they do have a lot of selection of beverages, and they are worth visiting if you can. 

MJ Barleyhoppers Brew House

MJ Barleyhoppers Brew House is located in the Hells Canyon Grand Hotel, and it is the area’s largest brewhouse.  MJ Barleyhoppers has the best local microbrews and draft along the bottled drinks with full-body flavors.  Not only are there 20 brews on tap, there are cocktails, wines, and a happy hour and pub menu. 

Birch and Barley

Birch and Barley is a terrific restaurant, and it has a great beverage program for a destination for friends on a brewery tour.  Birch and Barley offers 14 craft beer taps, 80 whiskey options, as well as specialty and a seasonal craft cocktail menu. 

Foundry Kitchen and Cocktails

The Foundry Kitchen and Cocktails is a great restaurant with several drinks available, and it is located in the heart of Pullman, right near the Washington State University Brelsford Welcome Center. 

Whatever Brewery that you want to do, be sure to plan it out accordingly, and drink responsibly.  Always have someone who is your designated driver, and be certain to get some good food while you are drinking as well, as some of these breweries and wineries do not have any meal menu options.  If you’re willing to commit to doing that, then you are sure to have quite a great time with a Brewery tour around Pullman, Washington.